It's seed ordering time!

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It now lloks like I have all the seed catalogs, other than Peaceful Valley, that I am going to get for this year, and it's time to start planning out my order.

This year, I'm going to force myself to behave. I have 20 different packets of sweet and hot pepper seeds from last year that I have kept in a jar with some dessicant. So I am going to make a list of them to keep in mind while I plan for next year. It's tough to show restraint while ordering seads and dreaming of garden in the middle of winter.

For sweet peppers, I don't really need to order any, since I have more than enough, but I think I will order either a paprika or a sweet cayenne, as well as one of the sweet habanero relatives, just for the flavor.

My current sweet varieties are:
Sweet Banana Pepper (Pinetree Garden Seeds)
Kaleidoscope Bell Mix (Pinetree)
Candente Bell (Totally tomatoes)
Rainbow Bell Mix (Totally Tomatoes)
Mini Belle Mix (Totally Tomatoes)
La Rouge Royale (Totally tomatoes)

And my hots are:
Kung Pao (Totally Tomatoes)
Thai Hot (Totally Tomatoes)
Caribbean Blend (Totally Tomatoes)
Ancho (Raintree)
Anaheim (Raintree)
Passilla Bajio (Raintree)
Serrano (Raintree)
Early JalapeƱo (Raintree)
Cayanne Long (Raintree)
Cascabel (Tough Love Chile Company)
Chimayo (Tough Love)
Fresno Supreme (Tough Love)
NuMex Big Jim (Tough Love)
NuMex Barker's Hot (Tough Love)

While I am certainly interested in other varieties from these companies, I also want to try ordering from some different ones. I think that this year, I'm going to go with Tomato Growers Supply Company and Redwood City Seed Company to see how their seeds and service are. I will probably still place an order with Raintree because they are so damn cheap, and I will pick up my seeds from Territorial Seed locally.